Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crow and Swan


Crow: Why are we not figuring in the tales/ stories today? We used to play main characters in Panchatantra, Puranas and Ramayana

Swan: Oh crow! You are the fool of first order. You were smart and clever during panchtantra/ purana days. You are no longer the same. You had access to gods and saints those days. Today, you can not even think of getting close to Manmohan Singh, L K Advani or Sonia Gandhi, not to speak of gods, goddesses and saints.

Your days are over. Shobha De, Salman Rushdies, Sashi Tharoors, Jhumpa Lahiris, Arundhati Roy- all are looking for good looking characters…nice figures…sex appeal.

Crow: Swan! Please stop your monologue. The stories of Shobha Des, Rudies, Tharoors and others of their ilk will not have as long life as those in Panchatantra, Puranas, Tripitakas and Jatakas have. Their stories will die with their death or at best a few years after.

Swan: Crow, you always have been clever, farsighted and discerning. It is time for us to keep a low profile

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