Saturday, October 15, 2011

“Maya maha thagini ham jaani”


“Maya” is a word that the Indian mystics and saints have, invariably, used to communicate that the world is a temporary entity…it is just an ephemeral thing to which one should not have too much attachment. However, the naïve human beings take the world and environment around them as ultimate reality and do everything to attain the worldly pleasure. The enlightened bards through their messages have always tried to suggest that the detachment from the “illusory” world is the way to liberation.

By saying, “Maya maha thagini ham jaani”, Kabir Das- a saint poet- has tried to emphasize that the attachment to the world amounts to getting deceived.

Please don’t think that I am trying to impose on you my knowledge about Indian metaphysics here. What has led me to quote this Kabir’s message is its use by an Uttar Pradesh’s BJP leader, Kalraj Mishra at a meeting with the party patriarch, L K Advani on his jan chetna yatra (people’s awareness campaign) at Varanasi on October 13.

Kalraj Mishra used it to tell the audience that saint Kabir had predicted centuries ago that U. P would see a “Maya (Mayawati) coming to cheat the people”.

Let me tell you here that I am not a spiritual person. Moreover, I have limited knowledge about Indian saints and metaphysics. I strongly believe that many people around me might have been more enlightened on religion and spirituality than I am.

But Kalraj Misrha, apparently on the mission to acquire power in U.P, perhaps, thinks that he will be able to fool the people by interpreting Kabir’s message in his own way. To be precise, Kalraj has underestimated the people’s wisdom by offering his explanation of Kabir’s verse. Take it from me that the people of Varanasi will simply laugh at Kalraj’s interpretation and reject his ventures simply because the BJP leader has tried to fool them in the name of great Kabir.

I am not a Mayawati supporter. In fact, I don’t like many of her moves and works. But then Kalraj has chosen wrong allegory to attack her. It will not work with the people who, I think, are wiser than Kalraj. They are capable to sense that Kalraj has taken them as foolish enough to gulp down what he mouths.

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