Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obit/ P K Krupakaran June 16, 1921 -- August 28, 2010

I am reproducing here the content on P K Krupakaran e-mailed to me by Hemendra Narayan. A former colleague of Krupakaran, Narayan recalls the moments he lived with the veteran journalist who belonged to Pondicherry but fell for the charm of Patna and made Bihar his home.

A perfect gentleman;taught reporting “on job”

The Bihar finances are in the red. Real post-office redRead the intro of the front-page anchor in the Indian Express which appeared with his by-line.

(Of course the India Post has changed its colour and at many places these days it is green.)

Somebody praised the story and its contents. “I have passed the age of praise and censure” was the cool reply.

During my formative years of journalism on the Fraser Road I learnt a lot from him. There were others who invariably got their copies ‘polished’ by him at the hub-the UNI office-and he would do it without any show of irritation.

Somebody from Delhi asked him to find someone to string for the Economic Times. Knowing that I was a ‘problem child’ of the Fraser Road he quietly told me that he was recommending my name. I demurred pointing that I may not be a fit candidate to work for a pure financial paper as the ET it was during those days.

PKP told me not to worry. In fact the break set a chain for me during the difficult freelancing days when one had cheques in pocket but no cash.

Later years, working with him as a colleague at the Express was always a pleasure. He was always ready to help and encourage.

Only last week I ran into his son Balchand in Delhi and inquired about him. And two days later I got his SMS!

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