Thursday, October 15, 2009

Selling Mirror Among Blind People

An old friend called on me today after a long time. He asked me, "What are you doing these days?" I replied, "I am selling mirror in the city of blind people". He "affectionately" abused me, "Salaa....even in your 40's your are a downright lire. You are as non-serious as you were during our college days". He repeated his query, "Tell me seriously what are you doing?"

Then I told him with serious disposition on my face, "Look! I am a writer/ journalist. In my 40's, I have got more bylines than Shakespeare, Earnest Hemingway and Wordsworth got together in their entire life. I have written more than what these so called famous writers authored together in their lifetime. But the people are so full of jealousy these days that they still rate Hemigways and Wordsworths as writers of more worth than me". He laughed telling, "Seriousness and you are antonyms. You were quite careless even during your student days. That's why you can never become like Hemingway and Shakespeare".

I think most of my readers will agree to my friend's observation about me. But a writer committed to my readers I am sharing my friend's conversation with you. My pleasure lies in your laugh at me.

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